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Previously I wrote a post about the LocaleIdentifier error when browsing an Analysis Services cube via Management Studio. Whilst it’s annoying, it really only affects developers so quickly slips down the list of priorities to address! However, when it starts to affect users it becomes a serious issue. Working on another project with an Excel component this issue came up in a couple of places – connecting to the cube from Excel (sometimes), and using drill-through in Excel.

After looking into this for a while I came across a solution, although it’s not one I feel completely comfortable with.

1. Go to Windows > Control Panel > Region and Language

2. Update the Format to “English (United States)”

Region and Language Format

3. Click Apply

4. Update the Format back to your original language, in my case “English (Australia)”

5. Click Apply

6. Click OK

Recently I had a requirement to set the colour of a couple of non-calculated measures in Analysis Services to differentiate between an actual and inferred value. It was another one of those things that I’d remembered being as simple as selecting a value from the properties screen… Unfortunately my memory deceives me and I was greeted with a properties window totally devoid of any colour settings!

Conveniently it’s easy (enough) to set the colours using MDX in the cube calculation script. SSAS defines colour values using a somewhat strange system, there’s a great post from Boyan Penev explaining this – Colour Codes in SSAS.

To set the colour of the Amount measure in the Adventure Works cube to a lovely shade of pink, you’d add the following line to the cube calculation script…

FORE_COLOR ( [Measures].[Amount] ) = 16711935;

With the resulting err… lovely pink measure when browsed from Management Studio.

Pink Coloured Non-Calculated Measure